Review: Stereoscoped Scopophilia in Gaspar Noe’s “Love”

Review: Stereoscoped Scopophilia in Gaspar Noe’s “Love”

CW: mention of transphobia, homophobia, and extremely explicit mentions of sex.

If you’re like me, your relationship with pornography is one of love and hate, hope and immediate disappointment. It’s seldom that the mood to even search for it strikes you, but when it does, you feel a newfound sense of determination. If I search for a really long time with all the right tags in the right places, you think, surely I’ll find the one diamond of a porn tailor made for my sexual inclinations. It takes you about ten minutes of searching, many minutes of which are filled with abject disgust rather than pleasurable curiosity, and you opt for the softly-lit girl-on-girl video you bookmarked two years ago, even though you’re neither a lesbian or a heterosexual man. You get your rocks off quickly enough, close your laptop before your post-orgasmic eyes can digest whatever you just watched, and you go to bed, lamenting, I just want a porn video as sensual and tender as the sex you see at the cinema.

But, then, you see the trailer for Gaspar Noe’s Love (2015), and you think the abandoned sexuality of pornography has finally married with the meticulously intentioned artfulness of cinema. Or, maybe you just thought, An unrated 3D movie? Maybe there’ll be a 3D cum shot. And you’d be right.

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