“LoveFilm: Recut”

LoveFilm: Recut is is a remix of LoveFilm (dir. Istvan Szabo, MaFilm, Hungary, 1970) that imposes linearity and chronology on the source text. The chronologization of the film is fraught with my own subjectivities–in this case, by my lack of historical and cultural knowledge–such that the act of remixing examines questions of cultural specificity and collective memory.

“Collective memory” has fascinated many of the scholars that have approached LoveFilm: the love story in LoveFilm gestures at the personal, while the representation of Hungarian history and memory harkens to the “collective.” My paper, “Putting the Trans in National Cinemas: Mediating Culturally Specific Narratives Through Love in A Touch of Spice (2003) and LoveFilm (1970),” seeks to address the love story as universally legible and the cultural specificities as more esoteric in an international reception context. The remix, and the extent to which other viewers may quibble about the sequencing, makes the claim that the historical events are more accessible and recognizable to those who share in the collective memory of World War II-era Hungary.